Webinar: Using Monza R6 Tag Chips to Enable Item Intelligence

Monza R6 is Impinj’s latest high-performance RAIN RFID tag chip which enables businesses to gain Item Intelligence by connecting items to the Internet.  Monza R6 allows retailers and brand owners to achieve significant system performance improvements, unmatched data integrity and the lowest applied tag cost in their RAIN RFID operations while using smaller and more versatile tags that extend the benefits of Item Intelligence to new product categories. Innovations in Monza R6 such as Integra, AutoTune and Enduro deliver rapid and consistent scaling of use cases such as retail omnichannel fulfillment and personalized in-store consumer experiences.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how Integra technology enables the RAIN RFID tag supply chain to deliver enterprise class data integrity supporting Item Intelligence
  • Understand how to take advantage of the record-breaking encode speed in Monza R6
  • Learn how AutoTune technology enables smaller sized tags for tagging new categories of items
  • Ask questions about Monza R6 and delivering Item Intelligence for your application
Featured Speakers:
  • Nikhil Deulkar, Director of Marketing - Monza RAIN RFID tag chips