IMPINJ Webinar

How UDI-Compliant RAIN RFID Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Supply Chain


It is well known that healthcare providers struggle with their current materials management systems, which are failing to provide accurate visibility into inventory composition and levels, as well as usage of medical devices and supplies. In the current healthcare environment, the pressure on hospital budgets is greater than ever. Hospitals are thus seeking to gain greater control over their clinical inventory - one of the biggest areas of spending within their operations - in order to avoid waste and increase revenue, particularly in high-cost specialty areas such as the Cath lab, EP lab, IR, GI, and OR suites. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How RAIN RFID solutions from VUEMED and Impinj can help you track medical supplies and devices in real-time and with 99.5% accuracy
  • How RAIN RFID can be used through the entire supply chain - from manufacturer and hospital to the point of use - to fulfill the FDA's UDI track & trace regulations, track recalls and expiration, achieve optimal inventory levels and attain highly accurate electronic medical records.

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