Impinj Webinar

Webinar: Track and Trace Assets with RAIN RFID


Learn how an affordable and automated RAIN RFID-based tracking solution monitors the movement of returnable transport items and their containing parts.

In modern manufacturing production, most parts are transported from supplier to assembly lines in returnable transport item (RTI) containers. Today it is a labor-intensive, manual process to track and trace goods within facilities and between suppliers. Utilizing technology to automate current processes and eliminate manual labor leads to a significant competitive advantage.

Join Impinj and noFilis to learn how using the noFilis-Impinj IoT solution helps manufacturers better manage the flow of RTIs and parts between supplier, manufacturing and within their organization.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Discover how RAIN RFID eliminates manual processes to provide competitive advantages for manufacturers
  • Learn how the Impinj platform provides affordable, automated asset tracking and tracing of returnable assets and parts 
  • Examine noFilis' track and trace IoT solution capabilities in-depth