Webinar: Optimizing Omnichannel Results with RAIN RFID

Optimizing Omnichannel Results with RFIDJoin RAIN RFID and omnichannel industry experts Larry Arnstein of Impinj and Bill Toney of VendorNet to discuss the supply side of omnichannel retailing.

This webinar explores omnichannel fulfillment models, including the use of RAIN RFID to improve conversion rates, maximize inventory utilization, and ultimately deliver a better shopping experience.

You will learn:
  • How leading retailers use RAIN RFID in their omnichannel strategy
  • RFID’s impact on inventory availability
  • Best practices for RAIN RFID deployments
  • Strategies for omnichannel fulfillment

Meet Your Experts:



Larry Arnstein, Vice President of Business Development at Impinj brings experience in all phases of the technology adoption lifecycle to lead business development for Impinj. Dr. Arnstein currently holds leadership roles in the GS1/VICS Item Level RFID Initiative, an inter-industry group of leading retailers, suppliers, and solution providers dedicated to quantifying the benefits of RFID and exploring its value for the retail industry.



Bill Toney, Senior Vice President of Omnichannel Solutions at VendorNet is a thought leader in omnichannel and RFID best practices and methodologies with ground-floor experience in delivering these technologies to major retail brands. Mr. Toney leads VendorNet’s omnichannel and supply chain initiatives to provide optimized fulfillment strategies and solutions, and operational guidance to connect enterprise-wide inventory to consumers.