Webinar: New Ultra Small Tags Deliver Long Read Range

Tired of having to sacrifice tag size for read range? What happens when you design RAIN RFID tags capable of adapting to the item which they are attached? You get ultra-small form factors capable of achieving the performance levels of tags twice, even three times its size! In fact the new MuTRAK tag is only 49mm2 and can achieve read distances of up to 14 meters – And that’s why we’d like to introduce you to the latest tags and inlays from our our partner TAGSYS RFID.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why Monza 5 is the ideal choice for item-level tracking
  • Introduction to the TAGSYS MuTRAK and AK products
  • Applications and use cases

Featured Speakers

Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Sr. Product Line Manager – Impinj, Inc.
Christophe Loussert, Vice President of RFID Integration – TAGSYS RFID
Bruno Davoine, Vice President of Sales - TAGSYS RFID