Webinar: New RFID Developments Are Revolutionizing Metal Asset Tracking

Join Impinj and Xerafy to learn more about a new RFID label that has no restrictions on metal assets, curved surfaces, or global RFID frequency bands. With Xerafy’s new Metal Skin™ inlay, powered by the Impinj Monza® 4QT tag IC, you can extend visibility to the most challenging assets – including mobile phones, iPads, server blades, and gas cylinders. Both cost-effective and flexible, the new Metal Skin tag could be the perfect solution for your on-metal application. 

What you'll learn

  • How to cost-effectively extend visibility to metal assets
  • How Monza chips enable outstanding performance
  • Why Metal Skin is the ideal solution for tracking metal assets
  • Best practices for label conversion

Featured Speakers

  • Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Sr. Product Line Manager – Impinj
  • Evelyn Ong, Director of Sales – Xerafy
  • Patrick Stalling, RFID General Manager – MPI Label Systems