Request an Indy RS500 Development Kit

The Indy RS500 reader SiP (system-in-package)  is a completely integrated reader in a small surface mount package.  Building on the market-leading Indy reader chip technology, the Indy RS500 makes embedding RAIN RFID easy.  Simply connect DC, UART communication and an antenna to start reading tags.

Indy Chip

Development Tools

The kit includes:

  • Main development board
  • Near and far field antennas
  • Tag samples
  • 3 sample SiPs for prototyping
  • All necessary cabling

Main board details

  • Mini-USB
  • RS323 DB9, UART serial
  • 3.3V TTL (header), UART serial
  • USB powered or 3.6-5V supply 

Please visit our support page to download development kit documentation.